How to organize a Comunnion at home

Tips for organizing a communion at home and not die trying If you have a house with a large garden or live in a neighborhood where there are common areas with gardens or even a social club you can save money and organize the communion party yourself. In most cases more than half of the budget is spent on catering and renting space, so if you have the place, communion your son or daughther will get be much cheaper and…

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Your rehearsal hall in 5 steps

We know that all musicians always have a key meeting point, a rehearsal hall. Everyone sets them up in different ways, according to their tastes and resources, there are large, small, orderly or chaotic rooms, in a garage, a storage space, a mezzanine …. But if you do not have yours yet  we leave you with 5 steps to build your own and lock yourselves in it. 5 STEPS TO MAKE YOUR OWN REHEARSAL HALL 1-The key is to find…

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Alicante Fireworks and Visual Effects

If there is something important and very popular in the province of Alicante it is Fireworks. Alicante has one of the best pyrotechnics in the region where they display their good work every year at the festival of  San Juan bonfires, with the mascletás contests and for all parties, with varied strakes reaching the summit the night of La Cremá (burning of the hogueras). Besides fireworks Alicante provides a visualshow difficult to forget for its striking and dramatic sounds, making them an audiovisual…

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